The Spirit of God Within You

The Spirit of God Within You

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Who is the Holy Spirit? What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit? What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit? These common questions and more are answered in this yearlong devotional that combines the writings of Southern Baptist pastors, ministry leaders, and devoted teachers who seek to remind you about the comfort and contentment that comes from walking God's Way.

The Spirit of God Within You led by Dr. Johnny Hunt includes:

brief, powerful devotions for 52 weeks
biblical teachings on ways to learn more about Jesus and the Holy Spirit and to discover a life well lived with Him
Scripture readings to support the teachings
prayers to encourage a deeper relationship with God and be grateful for the wonderful things He has done for us
ways to reflect on and deepen your relationship with God
The MyDaily? devotional series offers readers invaluable wisdom and Biblical encouragement to stir the hearts of Christians and bring them closer to their Savior.

Designed with an attractive, luxury package, The Spirit of God Within You is a beautiful gift for pastors, worship leaders, or anyone eager to cultivate a sense of praise in their everyday lives.