Hello Little Dreamer

Hello Little Dreamer

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Beloved talk show host Kathie Lee Gifford inspires children to follow God's dreams for them in?ÿthis board book about finding your passions and growing into Godƒ??s plan.?ÿEach child has?ÿdreams to discover over their lifetime, and?ÿHello, Little Dreamer for Little Ones?ÿhelps families celebrate each child's God-given purpose in the world.

Children glow with joy and a sense of security when they know God made them for a purpose. Four-time Emmy Award winner and?ÿNew York Times?ÿbestselling author Kathie Lee Gifford reminds toddlers and preschoolers that God has been dreaming for them since even before they were born. Some dreams reveal themselves quickly while others take time to develop, but each dream adds to the beautiful picture of who a child is becoming.

This hopeful and affirming board book for babies to 4-year-olds

  • helps children rest in God's love for them and have confidence in themselves as His creation
  • encourages children to try new things and explore their interests, strengths, and talents to discover who God made them to be
  • teaches that some dreams take time to find and you should never give up trying
  • features a bright, decorative cover and wonder-filled illustrations of diverse children from Anita Schmidt
  • is an uplifting choice for story times and bedtime reading

This is an ideal book to give kids for baby showers, birthdays, adoption parties, or other special occasions such as welcoming a new sibling. With its encouraging, biblically based words,?ÿHello, Little Dreamer for Little Ones?ÿwill encourage any child