Happiness Box- Just "Bee"cause

Happiness Box- Just "Bee"cause

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A perfect gift Just bee cause!

This great book, a Rosy ring Honey candle, some Simplified body wash, and a notebook to write all the dreams and thoughts-Perfect -Just BEE Cause!

Bee more Bee: Say hello to your inner bee with this light-hearted self-help book. From defying the odds and reaching for the stars, to working hard as part of a team, this book will show you how to go after your goals and get a buzz out of life.

Bees' determination and drive makes them excellent examples of how to make the most of every moment; whether it's their magical honey-making capabilities, their matriarchal mantra, or the fact that they're really just big softies, bees have it sorted. Tenacious, resilient, and kind, bees hold the key to a wonderful life.