Diamonds of Wisdom Sparkling Lessons Worth Knowing

Diamonds of Wisdom Sparkling Lessons Worth Knowing

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Life Lessons Worth Knowing

By Mercedita Noland & Friends

Diamonds of Wisdom is an exciting collection of twelve essays by four women, united together by a unique heartstrings-sisterhood. It offers an endearing variety of gems - stories from a purely biographical yet diverse feminine perspective. The essays are collectively witty, funny, poignant, sometimes fanciful, hopeful, charming, optimistic, and uplifting.

The Authors certainly poured their hearts and souls into each story with the noble goal of inspiring others to embrace their own histories and elevating their own lives by honoring the experiences that shaped them. Herein are intimate glimpses of finding the courage to overcome seemingly devastating life experiences with grace, faith and humor, of persevering, and ultimately coming out triumphantly on the other side.

This collaborative work is a celebration of resilience, and the kind of book one purchases as a gift for one's best girlfriend, one's sister, one's mom, one's wife, and most especially oneself. Talk about fanciful, it even features a "cameo" by Coco Chanel. The cover - designed by internationally renowned style Illustrator Martina Pavlova - is elegant, visually appealing, and unapologetically feminine!